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Or how ridding my body of toxins positively affected everything

Let’s face it: the American way of life will kill you. Or how ridding my body of toxins positively affected everything.

Although I may reside in Southern California, my Midwestern roots are still strong, strong enough for me to assume, and vow never to try, such starvation-inducing programs of dubious healthful merit as a dietary (translation: juices) body cleanse. I’d be the first to state I’m weak: that I need my cappuccino first thing each morning, I need my cocktail each night. And go without food? Horrors! Perish the very thought—before I do on such a regimen. Read more…

A.G.S. Johnson giving an interview for Author’s Corner at Blog Talk Radio. January 2013.

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A Note from The Author

Being raised with women, lots of women, it was only upon reaching school age that I discovered how different boys were, in themselves of course, but also in the way the two genders were and are treated. I intuited, long before I had words for it, the double standard in behaviors and expectations. Perhaps that set the stage for my investigating through my writing the evolution of women and female roles in our rapidly changing times. But even that statement feels too limited. It’s more that through my work I wish to explore the evolution of roles, regardless of gender, as changes in one directly and immediately affect changes in the other.


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